Welcome to House of Terre a Mer

Love your job and feel excited to come into work!
At House of Terre a Mer we LOVE what we do, and do it with passion

As professionals in hair, beauty or wellness we hope you enjoy the environment we have put together for you. It was a long and sometimes very challenging road to get here, but here we are! Years of hard work developing the concept and getting House of Terre a Mer ready for you, years of sourcing, finding materials, developing the interior and finishings, and getting started.

For those of us that have found us early on and are already enjoying our space already: We are grateful that you have been a part of the early days! For those that are discovering our concept now, we hope you love it too. When we were starting out with our first ‘baby’ Terre a Mer, it was a challenge. We didn’t have our own hair repair centre back then and to make it a reality seemed like such a huge undertaking, because that’s exactly what it was. We started with a dream but in order to deliver on that we needed to source so much money, risk everything and spend so much time to make it a reality. It was a scary process to say the least. The dream to be able to run our business and work alongside others who inspire us has really come together and taken on a life of its own.

Over the years we came across so many inspiring people in the industry. Many talented professionals, with exciting ideas and working on some great creative projects. People who like us were passionate about what they do. We feel proud to work alongside some of those today.

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