Shirley Leicester – Wellness Consultant

CONGRATULATIONS – You have come to The House of Terre a Mer website because you are NOW ready for change. To become the best version of yourself. You are responsible for your own happiness and today is the beginning of your journey in achieving it. Are you being something that you are not? Have you lost your passion and excitement in life? With guidance and implementation of Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy  and other modalities, your stress levels can be eliminated and future goals can be attained. A profound experience can catapult you to a higher consciousness. A brief description of Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy follows for your understanding, along with testimonials. I look forward to reinforcing your desired dreams and outcomes.


Hypnotherapy is a deep, deep state of relaxation, where within the session the client is always in control. Hypnotherapy’s success comes from within the unconscious mind. The unconscious mind holds information outside of our consciousness. Hypnosis allows us to begin reaching the unconscious mind and evolves the mind/body connection. This is the beginning and starting point of our ability to manifest profound wonderful change. When the conscious and unconscious minds bypass the critical faculty, this is where transformation occurs.


Time Line Therapy was founded by Dr. Tad James in the USA. Time Line Therapy is the basis of personality. It has a relationship between past, present and future, and is a very powerful tool that can have the possibility of changing a person’s personality totally  and completely within a very short period of time. Time Line Therapy releases the emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt as well as anxiety. By dealing with the root cause of a problem, Time Line Therapy upholds positive self learnings.

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Shirley brings her dedication and a depth of passion to you as a client to ensure you achieve positive change beyond your expectations. She works from an incredibly high professional standard and offers integrity, intelligence and commitment to seeing positive changes occur in your life. Shirley has the ability to guide you to locate the core of a problem and in working compassionately with you to clear those blocks and limiting beliefs at that core. Once the limitations are cleared Shirley then guides you to create an action plan to achieve your goal. She is dedicated to seeing you reach this outcome and supports you with an abundance of tools, consistent guidance and wisdom to ensure this change is locked in. In all my years of working with Shirley I have felt so supported and cared for. An incredible experience from an open hearted, beautifully kind woman, whom I highly recommend. JODIE ESAU (FOUNTAIN DALE NSW)